At Traccs we care more about Planting and Replenishing trees and hedges as we understand the impact it has on the environment and the surrounding areas.

We can accommodate for Developers looking at bring there site to life, Woodland creation or upkeep of the stock, and Private sites. We work closely with our suppliers and can work at getting the best value for money stock.

Biosecurity is a big issue at the moment with imported stock so we make sure everything that we supply is legitimate  and has it own passport of movement.

With our trained staff we can accommodate for all sized projects, nothing is too small or too large.

Our services at a glance are

  • Specimen Tree planting
  • Mixed Native Hedges
  • Coniferous Hedging
  • Instant Hedging
  • Woodland planting
  • Shrubs and Herbaceous

All trees and hedging can have a wide range of protection with it as well as stakes and support. Please get in contact to discuss.


We can offer any maintenance packages that you may require with the planting. This can cover Watering, Chemical and manual weed control and restocking.

Please get in contact to discuss anything we may not have mentioned and we will be pleased to discuss your needs. 

“Having the trees removed has made a real difference to the amount of light we get in the house and garden, and it was a pleasure to have your super young guys doing a very professional job.”

Cicely Skipper